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Gooley & Modena Defrantz, Gerald LeVert, "The Duke"
"The Duke" Gene Culver & Stevie Wonder Georgia's Party with Friends
Bobby, "The Duke", Bubba, James Avery Joanne Marie & "The Duke"
"The Duke" & Eddie LeVert Claudette,Ben E. King,"The Duke",Freda Payne, & Lloyd Price
"The Duke" live on stage Lloyd Price, Jerry Butler, "The Duke", Nate, & MacMillion
"The Duke's" son Shaun Pattie LaBelle & "The Duke"
Gloria Lynn & "The Duke" Pattie LaBelle, Lauryn Hill,"The Duke"
Loretta Devine, & "The Duke" "The Duke", Bubba, Gladys, Claudette, Bobby
Gene & Cissy Houston Defrantz, Gladys Knight & "The Duke"
Regina King and "The Duke" Jerry Butler, Gene, Ben E King, Lloyd Price
Jerry Butler, Gene, Ben E King, Lloyd Price Jeremiah F Glenn - My Godson
Ben, Gene, Mr and Mrs Larry Holmes, Jerry, Lloyd Tour Poster - The Four Kings
Gene and Marty Thompson - Radio DJ My cousin - Asia Emmelia Wells
My Grandson - Stone Chandler Forrest Ed Bradley and me.
Me, Z, and Richard Roundtree Gary Dunes, Morning Host on Oldies 92.1, Syracuse
Charlie Thomas of the Drifters, Gary Dunes, Brenda Cape and Gene Charlie Thomas & the Drifters, Rosie of the Originals, Dee Dee Sharp, Gary Dunes & Gene.
Richard Roundtree, Monica and Gene Culver. Bobby Lewis and me.
Frankie Ford (the great one) and me. Frankie Ford (the great one)
Barbara Burden, Me and Johnny Thunder. Ben E King, Martha Reeves, Me and friends.